Women and Leadership in IMF

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Women and Leadership in IMF

This study discusses economic benefits in including women in the corporate governance of MFIs. However, internal, external, social and cultural barriers will need to be broken before achieving gender equality. Another issue is a low level of general awareness when it comes to the benefits of actively incorporating diversity in leadership, even among women. The long time dominating general knowledge and perspective has continued to fail in recognizing the benefits of including women, despite of a growing market maturity.

However, by actively including more female candidates, sharing experiences and creating networks to support and discuss leadership and technical issues for women, committing to a culture of equal opportunities, leading by example from top management, and recognizing the harmful consequences of excluding women, these obstacles can be to overcome. A solid strategy-plan is needed to strengthen technical talents and leadership opportunities that should be implemented for the own staff to Start at Home. This will further help the organization in adapting to those needs and barriers that concern both men and women. Therefore, adopting a strong strategy to promote and develop in-house staff is a critical first step for successfully achieving a broader strategy that will advocate women’s leadership.

Written by: Elisabeth Burgess (EA Consultants), Mariana Martínez (Andares), Barbara Magnoni (EA Consultants), Ignacio E. Carballo (Andares), Anna Hainze (EA Consultants). Dec 2015.