Microfinance in Mexico

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Microfinance in Mexico (spanish only)

The Mexican microfinance market is a complex market. There is vast interest in understanding, in simple terms, this complex market. There is special interest in understanding what factors might affect the Mexican microfinance market in the future. Where the opportunities are in the industry and what the challenges/threats to the industry might be, is the purpose of the first independent white paper on the microfinance industry in Mexico, “Microfinanzas en Mexico”, written under the joint sponsorship of Calmeadow, IADB and Banco CAF.

In the report it is recognized that the industry in Mexico is beginning a consolidation phase and that as the industry matures it must identify its best opportunities, and equally important, identify threats.An important point that the report emphasizes is the need for self regulation within the industry because of the threat of a less hospitable regulatory environment in the future.

The sponsors encourage practitioners, regulators and other experts to use the findings presented in this white paper as the basis of further discussions relating to the administration and regulation of the Microfinance industry.

Written by: Marulanda Consultores, DAI Mexico. June 2011.