Program Manager

Mrs. Vázquez has over 20 years of professional experience in corporate finance, specializing in financial valuations and the analysis and development of financial models. Additionally she is experienced in the administration of closed-ended investment funds, not-for-profit organizations and investment vehicles. Her professional practice includes the areas of stock markets, banking, financial consultancy, and evaluation management and governance of microfinancial institutions.

Mrs. Vázquez was the manager of the corporate financing practice at Andersen Consulting, Costa Rica. As Senior Investment Officer at Omtrix, Mrs. Vázquez has been responsible for supervising and running some of the initiatives that Omtrix has managed, including: Antares Equity Participation Fund, the Short Term Liquidity Facility, the Risk Management Facility, and the Emergency Liquidity Facility. Currently, as Program Manager, Mrs. Vázquez is responsible for the management of Calmeadow and is a member of the consulting team of Omtrix and Capital Antares Advisors. Since 2010 she focuses on the coordination and supervision of the different projects and corporate governance reviews promoted by Omtrix. She has been a member of several investment committees of international funds for technical assistance and is currently a member of the Board of Grameen Costa Rica. Ms. Vázquez has participated as a speaker and moderator in several seminars in multiple international venues.