Corporate Governance Workshop

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Omtrix facilitates a Corporate Governance Workshop for National Offices of Habitat for Humanity International.

Last January 20th, 2018 concluded in San Jose, Costa Rica the Corporate Governance Workshop for Board Members and Executive Directors of National Offices (NOs) of Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) conducted by Omtrix.
Omtrix Inc. was responsible for designing and facilitating the day and a half workshop. Alex Silva and Georgina Vásquez were responsible for facilitating the workshop, which observed the active participation of a 30 persons group that comprised Board Members and Executive Directors of the NOs of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Paraguay, as well as representatives of the Regional Office for Latin America of HFHI.
The Workshop provided the participants an opportunity to connect with their peers in the region and at the same time to strengthen their knowledge on corporate governance by means of participating in carefully designed activities that promoted a frank dialogue and exchange of experiences and lessons learned among the participants.
The activity was designed with the aim of promoting an active participation of the participants who had to carry out different activities, including the discussion and analysis of a case study based on an actual experience of a NO operating outside of Latin America. During the Workshop the participants also discussed the results of a self-assessment tool with served as starting point to the discussion on the challenges that the NOs face and the next steps to follow in the process of strengthening the corporate governance of their organization.