Alex Silva has over 30 years of experience in international finance especially in the areas of evaluation of financial intermediaries, financial engineering, strategic planning and corporate finance. He knows well the markets of Latin America and the Caribbean and maintains regular communication with several bilateral and multilateral institutions in the region. He additionally has top level contact with the business community of Latin America, as well as with a fair number of regional financial institutions.

Mr. Silva is the Chair of Omtrix, he was the manager of ProFund, the first private equity fund investing in MFIs. Later on, he managed Antares Equity Participation Fund, the Emergency Liquidity Fund, the Short-Term Liquidity Fund, and more recently the Higher Education Finance Fund, a fund that lends to and provides technical assistance to microfinance institutions and other financial intermediaries serving the poor so that these institutions. Mr. Silva has also served as member of the Investment Committee and is currently a Board Member of AfriCap Microfinance Fund, a fund specialized in providing equity and long-term funding to African MFIs. He is also the Executive Director of Calmeadow, a Canadian NGO, from where he has been very active promoting initiatives addressing various bottlenecks that affect the microfinance industry worldwide. Prior to establishing Omtrix, Mr. Silva worked for the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC), a multilateral financial institution, as the head of its Central American office. Mr. Silva has served as a board member of numerous MFIs and organization in countries that includes almost all Latin America as well as the US. He served as a Board Member of the many of the largest MFIs in Latin America but also of the MIX, Habitat for Humanity International, and MFX Solutions, among others.

Currently, as founding partner of OMTRIX, Mr. Silva is responsible for the consulting business and the direction of HEFF and Calmeadow. Mr. Silva has been a lecturer at the Boulder Institute, has been and advisor and lecturer at the Africa Board Fellowship Program since inception, and has participated as a speaker in several seminars in multiple international venues.
He collaborated in the preparation and review of multiple papers and documents pertaining to micro- finance and sustainable development in general. Most recent publications: “Crossing Over: The Experience of Microfinance Institutions that Entered the SME Loan Market”, “Foreign Exchange Risk Mitigation for Micro Finance Intermediaries”, “Downscaling Institutions and Competitive Microfinance Markets”, “Downscaling Institutions and Competitive Microfinance Markets: Reflections and Case-Studies from Latin America” and “Investing in MicroFinance: the ProFund’s Story”.